1000 kVA Diesel Generators on Rent

We provide you best quality, highly fuel efficient 1000kVA Diesel Gensets of Cummins / Kirloskar / Mahindra makes on rent from Rising Genset India Pvt. Ltd. at the most competitive prices. Our customer care division will be available 7×24 to attend all the issues pertaining to your power requirement. You can hire our 1000Kva Genset for both long term and short-term duration as per your requirement

1000 kVA Generator For Sale
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1000 KVA On Diesel Generator Rental Services

1000 kVA Generator and 1000 kVA Genset

A 1000 kVA generator typically has a maximum output of 800 kW and runs on a 3-phase system. 1000 kVA genset is typically powered by diesel fuel and has an output voltage range of between 200 and 690 volts. It has a rated speed of 1500 RPM and a power factor of 0.8. The 1010 kVA Diesel generator is typically equipped with an emergency stop system, overcurrent protection, and a three-position selector switch.

A 1000 kVA generator is a device used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The generator is powered by an engine, typically using diesel, natural gas, or biogas, and consists of an alternator to generate electricity

This 1000 kVA generator complete with all the accessories,  will have option of 3pH, 415Volt  with or without Auto-mains failure (AMF) panel, as provided by us will be ready to use, diesel operated, fitted inside a Cap-in type acoustic enclosure. 1000 kVA Genset will meet the latest CPCB pollution norms.

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